• DBF 10/20/2017 @9:00pm EST - Trouble in Terrorist Town DayZ

    Drunken Battle Friday!!

    EVENT: We will meet in Nizhnoye area at 9:00pm EST (exact location TBA). There will be 2 traitors (or more based on numbers) and the rest are innocent. Roles will be assigned randomly each round by the referrer, and only traitors will know who the other traitors are. The objective is for the traitors to "killl" all the innocents before the innocents find out who they are and confirms that with the ref. A "kill" will just be 1 punch tag, do not aim for the head, and only traitors can tag innocents. If you are tagged or a confirmed traitor you will leave the play area without saying anything other than I'm dead and wait with the ref, do not give any information out if you are dead.

    PRIZES: 1 koozie and 1 decal will be given out.

    RAFFLE: Pick a number between 1-50 and post it here to win a game code. Closest guess to the random number drawn wins, in the event of a tie the prize will go to the lower number.
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