• Celebrate =VX9='s 17th Birthday! (Oct 6-8)

    Celebrate =VX9='s 17th birthday with us! Check out the link below for the Community celebrations. We will be having our own Zulu celebrations listed after the link. Note on Sunday at 8PM CST/9PM EST we will be having a community wide meeting on TeamSpeak.

    Prizes are being given out each night!

    Friday DBF!
    8-9:30PM EST World of Tanks Drop Ins
    9:30-11PM EST World of Warships Drop Ins

    8PM-9:30PM EST World of Tanks: Freeze Tag and Player's Choice
    9:30-11PM EST World of Warships: Hunt

    7-8:30PM EST Player's Choice (WoT or WoWS), we'll be doing drop ins at the same time.

    9PM EST =VX9= Community Meeting
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