• DBF 5/12/17: Drop-In Night

    Drunken Battle Friday - May 12th
    Drop-In Night

    20:00 EST (8 PM EST)
    Ends: 22:30 EST (10:30 PM EST)

    I'm back. I think.

    After having to spend the past week dealing with the ever so wonderful in-laws, I now have time to do =VX9= stuff again, and we can breathe easy. But....because of the time frames, I wasn't able to prepare anything really good this week, so we'll be doing drop-ins this time. Does that sound ok?

    Event Prizes
    As is our usual, we have two prizes to give out during the event itself. The prizes in question are two game codes from the =VX9= vault. I have no idea what they are, and they're completely random, so you never know what you'll get. But hey, everyone loves free games, right?

    Last Week's Raffle/This Week's Raffle Numbers
    Congratulations to....ummm....well, since nobody stepped up to run the event until the night of, and no thread was made, I'm going to bank the prize and roll it into this week. This week there will be TWO winning numbers. So get those numbers in, folks!

    The number selection this week is 1-30. You have until 11:59 PM Sunday (5/14) to enter a raffle number. The winner will be picked during the following week's DBF post.

    Hope to see all of you there! Don't forget the drinks!
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