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    by Published on 04-05-2019 07:04 AM


    This has to be one of the hardest things I have ever typed in my time with this community, but as most of you know, Mike passed away in his sleep Monday from a sudden heart attack. Mike was not only a very active member in zulu Company, but an active member in the community at large. He did a lot of work behind the scenes as well as in front, and was a warm face here in Zulu. His sudden passing is an absolute shell-shock for everyone here. So instead of our normal DBF activities, this Friday's DBF will be our own in-house memorial service for Mike.

    We will spend the night doing things Mike's way. We will play the games he played, and if able, play the things he liked to play in those games. We'll spend the night talking about him, and how he was, and sharing our memories and stories of our time with him. We will drink in his name and make sure that he is not forgotten. The community remembers its own, and Mike was definitely an amazing person among us. If you have stories to share, we will have a formal session before the official games begin, so if you want to air it then, you can. If not, we can talk throughout the night about it.

    All companies are welcome to attend, and it will not be limited to just Zulu games. We will honor Mike in all of our own ways, and deal with it together.

    May he rest in peace, and never be forgotten.

    DBF will start at 8 PM EST.
    by Published on 02-22-2019 08:04 AM
    1. World of Tanks

    Drunken Battle Friday
    February 22nd

    Division Night/Cards Against Humanity

    20:00 EST (8 PM EST)
    Ends: 22:30 EST (10:30 PM EST)

    *static* Is.....does this thing still work? Hello? OK, it still works. Well guys, I've had way more than enough time to sort my shit out, so we can finally get back to our regularly-scheduled programming! Starting this week, we'll be holding our official Drunken Battle Friday events again! There's going to be some old things some of you may recognize and remember, but there's new stuff coming too. I will be making sure that our DBF posts happen every week, ideally by Wednesday night, so expect to see more about it as the week progresses.

    What is DBF?

    I forget, there's a lot of new blood, and since I haven't been doing my job properly, you probably haven't even realized this is a thing. Well, lemme explain it for you. DBF (Drunken Battle Friday) is a community-wide event that happens every week. We get together on Friday nights, play games based on our respective divisions, drink, party, and have an all-around good time. There are contests and prizes that are handed out, and everyone wins!

    Prizes, unlike they used to be, are now our OTC. With OTC, you can bank them and choose your own prizes, instead of hoping what you want ends up as a prize for the week. I'll have to re-confirm the amounts with the higher-ups, so stay tuned for that. We will be having raffles, possibly, or depending on how I feel, we may have certain in-game challenges to do in order to earn prizes. We shall see.

    New Stuff:

    - Next week I will be trying to push some new graphics and a new DBF post format to make it more.....nice. Expect a format change here, but the events will stay the same.

    - On certain nights, we will integrate some silly game, such as Cards Against Humanity, as a filler or supplement to give everyone a short break.

    - OTC will be the default prizes, but there may be some physical swag depending on what I can have prepared for everyone. The physical swag will be from personal stock.

    - We will be doing spotlights/small shoutouts each week. If you want a message to appear in the DBF post as a random shoutout, PM it to me and I'll try to integrate it into the list.

    - Stay tuned for more updates.

    by Published on 12-15-2017 01:14 PM
    1. World of Tanks

    Grab your favorite beverage and join up on TS at 8PM EST for some drop ins!

    WoT: Drop Ins
    WoWS: Drop Ins
    by Published on 12-01-2017 08:01 AM
    1. World of Tanks

    Join up on TS at 8PM EST for some drop ins!

    WoT: Drop Ins
    WoWS: Drop Ins

    Raffle #s: 1-30
    by Published on 11-03-2017 06:24 AM
    1. World of Tanks

    Dust off those (some anyway) tanks and let's get a good drop in going! We'll start at 8PM EST.

    Raffle: 1-30
    by Published on 10-05-2017 08:50 PM
    1. World of Tanks

    Celebrate =VX9='s 17th birthday with us! Check out the link below for the Community celebrations. We will be having our own Zulu celebrations listed after the link. Note on Sunday at 8PM CST/9PM EST we will be having a community wide meeting on TeamSpeak.

    Prizes are being given out each night!

    Friday DBF!
    8-9:30PM EST World of Tanks Drop Ins
    9:30-11PM EST World of Warships Drop Ins

    8PM-9:30PM EST World of Tanks: Freeze Tag and Player's Choice
    9:30-11PM EST World of Warships: Hunt

    7-8:30PM EST Player's Choice (WoT or WoWS), we'll be doing drop ins at the same time.

    9PM EST =VX9= Community Meeting
    by Published on 09-28-2017 07:55 PM
    1. World of Tanks

    Going to start drop-ins at 8PM EST.

    Raffle #s are: 1-30

    See you there!

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