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    Welcome to the =VX9= Gaming Community Arma 3 Exiles Server!

    Thank you for playing Arma with us! We're going to go over a bit about =VX9= and then get to the details of the =VX9= Arma 3 Exiles server. We have a complete listing of announcements, connection info, rules, mods and other helpful content. Thanks for supporting us!

    =VX9= was established over 16 years ago and is going strong today with over 1000 active members spanning a multitude of games. We have our own TeamSpeak, Discord, forums and host our own servers. If you enjoy your experience gaming with us please consider joining =VX9= by registering a forum account and clicking "Join Us".


    Join us! (2/8/2017)

    The Arma 3 Exiles server is online!

    Connection Information

    Direct connection is the best method to find our server. Use the info below in the server browser or add it to your Steam servers.

    Server IP:
    Port: 8302

    Rules and Administrators

    You have three administrators on the Arma 3 Exiles server: Shreeden=VX9=, NatGarro=VX9= and Dano=VX9=

    Arma 3 Exiles Server Rules (2/8/17)

    Of special note, the server is PVE except for the Northwest island. That is a full PVP zone.
    Keep in mind this is a general rule set, please follow administrator's instructions and ask if you have a question.

    • DO behave in a mature manner.
    • DO respect all other players. Trash talking is allowed but personal attacks, racism, etc. is not.
    • DO follow administrator's instructions.
    • DON'T use hacks or extensive exploits. Hackers are not welcome and will be kicked and banned without warning.
    • DON'T accuse others of hacking, griefing, or abuse unless you have proof (recordings, screenshots, live).
    • DON'T impersonate other players especially =VX9= members or administrators.
    • DON'T post offensive material in signs, chat, or otherwise. No racism, chat spamming, or crude material.
    • DON'T advertise other servers.
    =VX9= members do NOT attack/kill other members without verbal communication from both sides.


    You will need APEX DLC. Other Arma 3 DLC is highly encouraged for a full experience.

    Questions and Support

    If you see a problem or have a question that isn't listed on this page, feel free to register a forum account and post a thread in our forums.

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