• DBF 1/13/17: Pick on Your XOs

    Drunken Battle Friday - January 13th
    Random Night - New XO Celebration

    20:00 EST (8 PM EST)
    Ends: 22:30 EST (10:30 PM EST)

    New XOs. Time to pick on us.

    You may or may not know that Griffith and myself were recently designated as the Zulu Company World of Warships XOs. And you know that whenever there's new leadership, Zulu has to pick on them a bit. So why not pick on us this Friday? We'll play a bunch of random stuff, get into trouble, hand out prizes and try to have a good time. Come on out and get free stuff! We won't get too mad if you pick on us a little bit. Just don't go overboard.

    Event Prizes
    As is our usual, we have two prizes to give out during the event itself. A beer koozie and one of our Gen II decals are up for grabs during the event itself, while a normal decal is our raffle prize this week.

    Last Week's Raffle/This Week's Raffle Numbers
    Congratulations to
    Possum_Marksman for winning last week's raffle! Your prize is one of our =VX9= Koozies.

    As a bonus, we have a second raffle because of the turnout! ArmyAl also wins a =VX9= Decal!

    You may claim your prizes here, guys.

    The number selection this week is 60-95. You have until 11:59 PM Sunday (1/15/17) to enter a raffle number. The winner will be picked during the following week's DBF post.

    Also, if we keep having large turnouts on our raffle, I'll see about shifting some of the sweeter stuff as a prize. Sound good? Keep it up.

    Hope to see all of you there! Don't forget the drinks!
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