• DBF 12/2/16: Bag & Tag - Japan

    Drunken Battle Friday - December 2nd
    Bag & Tag: Japan

    20:00 EST (8 PM EST)
    Ends: 22:30 EST (10:30 PM EST)

    New Ships on the Horizon!
    Once again, new stuff has been released in World of Warships! The Japanese DD line received an overhaul and introduced several new ships. Let's welcome these new additions by doing the only thing we know how to do: destroy them! Each Japanese tank or ship you destroy is worth 2 points. The most points at the end of the night gets to choose their prize. Second place gets what the first didn't want. It's all good fun, so come on out and join us for this free-for-all marathon!

    Event Prizes
    As is our usual, we have two prizes to give out during the event itself, plus one for the raffle. This week, we have some special mix-ups. This week we have one of our new decals, and a koozie up for event prizes, plus a game code for our forum raffle. Be sure to join us for the event!

    Last Week's Raffle/This Week's Raffle Numbers
    Congrats to IronGhostFighter
    for winning last week's raffle! You prize is one of our Game Codes! You may claim your prize here.

    For last week's raffle, I'll pick someone who randomly shows up during this DBF for the prize.

    The number selection this week is 70-100. You have until 11:59 PM Sunday (12/4) to enter a raffle number. The winner will be picked during the following week's DBF post.

    Hope to see all of you there! Don't forget the drinks!
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