• [DBF] Nova Company - 9/30/16

    Nova Family Reunion!

    Heya guys, it's been a long while since we all fought to get into game together... so let's enter the fray again!

    We'll meet in Nova comms at our usual time of 10 pm CST Friday night and see where the night takes us.
    Will we cause havoc in Crusader, race around like the old days, or blap each other in Arena Commander?
    Come find out!

    Just for showing up you get put into a drawing for a Game Code or a Koozie so make sure to stop in and say hi!
    Some members have those big shiny ships that you have a chance of seeing first hand if you show up!

    Per usual we also have a...


    Just pick a number between 100-125 for your chance to win a decal!

    Safe flying ladies and gents!
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