• DBF 9/23/2016 @8:00pm EST - The Hunger Games.

    Drunken Battle Friday - 8:00pm EST

    EVENT: Please be in Balota at 8:00pm EST to get ready, don't be late. We will start the event on the Balota Airfield at promptly at 8:15pm. Everyone must start off naked wearing only shoes but you can come healthy and hydrated. You will have 2 hours TOTAL to race from Balota to the North West Airfield hitting all the military or residential spots to grab gear. You are allowed to kill each other, make alliances, or play shadow games along the way. After the 2 hour time limit those of you who have reached NW will battle to the death, unless everyone gets wiped along the way.

    PRIZES: 1 =VX9= Decal and 1 =VX9= Koozie will be given out.

    RAFFLE: Post a number between 1-50 to win a game code. Closest guess to the random number drawn wins, in the event of a tie the prize will go to the lower number.
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    Destiny_evolved still keeping guard even while sleeping
    Destiny_evolved still keeping guard even while sleeping by The Creepler
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